Featured #VF15 video

What is #VF15?

It all started when we began posting 15 second clips of our artists to Instagram. Almost immediately, fans like you wanted to get involved. We heard you loud and clear!

How do I get featured on #VF15?

Just follow @vicfirth on Instagram and submit your video clips to us under the hashtag #VF15. That's it! Every day, we'll share a new fan video! Maybe you'll be next...

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product spotlight

Danny Carey Signature Stick

A truly unique stick! Features a cut-in design at the gripping area for improved comfort and a tapered butt end for improved balance.

factory tour

Steps 15 & 16: Color Matching & Bricking

Sticks of equal weight and pitch are then matched cosmetically for consistant stick-to-stick color and bricked for shipping. Steve Smith performs.

Visit vicfirth.com/tour to take the whole factory tour now!