Symphonic Signature Series

The Vic Firth Symphonic Signature series feature new designs tailored expressly for the symphonic snare drummer.

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Tim Genis Signature - General (STG)
Designed to produce a dark‚ full-bodied sound. Great balance.
L = 16.81" | Dia. = .650"
  [enlarge photo]

Tim Genis Signature - Leggiero (STG2)
For playing fast musical passages softly. Produces clean double strokes and clear articulation.
L = 16.81" | Dia. = .650
  [enlarge photo]

Ted Atkatz Signature (SATK)
Long taper for great control and clarity during soft playing. Persimmon
L = 17" | Dia. = .660"
  [enlarge photo]

Ney Rosauro Signature Snare Stick (SNR)
Featues an elongated tip with increased surface area for enhanced sound quality. long taper provides excellent rebound. Hickory
L = 16.56" | Dia. = .600"
  [enlarge photo]

Tom Gauger -- General
A general snare stick with a round tip.
L = 16 9/16" | Dia. = .625"
  [enlarge photo]

Tom Gauger -- Snare/Timpani
A TG15 stick with a TG31 felt timpani mallet head attached to the butt end. For general playing.
L = 16 11/16" | Dia. = .625" | Head = 1 1/8"
  [enlarge photo]