Vic Firth Drum Mutes

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Drum and Cymbal Mutes

Made of non-slip pure rubber for real action, these mutes make quiet practicing an option on the drum set. Available in prepacks or individually in the following sizes:

MUTEPP3 Prepack3: 12", 13", 14", 16", 22", hi-hat and cymbal (2)
MUTEPP4 Prepack4: 10", 12", 14"(2), 22", hi-hat and cymbal (2)
MUTEPP5 Prepack5: 10", 12", 14"(2), 20", hi-hat and cymbal (2)
MUTEPP6 Prepack6: 10", 12", 14", 16", 22", hi-hat and cymbal (2)
MUTEPP7 Prepack6: 10", 12", 14", 14", 18", hi-hat and cymbal (2)
VICMUTE18C Individual Crash/Ride Cymbal Mute 16"-18"
VICMUTE22C Individual Crash/Ride Cymbal Mute 20 "-22"
VICMUTEHH Individual Hi-Hat Cymbal Mute
VICMUTE08 Individual 8" Drum Mute
VICMUTE10 Individual 10" Drum Mute
VICMUTE12 Individual 12" Drum Mute
VICMUTE13 Individual 13" Drum Mute
VICMUTE14 Individual 14" Drum Mute
VICMUTE16 Individual 16" Drum Mute
VICMUTE18B Individual 18" Bass Drum Mute
VICMUTE22B Individual 22" Bass Drum Mute