Education Packs

Designed to include the correct tools for producing quality sound at the student level, the Vic Firth Education Packs were developed with a "step up" approach. As the student advances from beginner to intermediate, he or she will acquire the essentials for band and orchestra literature.

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Launch Pad Kit
A starter kit‚ including an SD1 Jr.‚ a 6" practice pad and Vic Firth's Snare Drum Method - Book 1.
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Elementary Education Pack
A Vic Firth stick bag equipped with an SD1‚ M5 and M14.
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Intermediate Education Pack
A Vic Firth stick bag equipped with an SD1‚ SD2‚ M3‚ M6 and T3.
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Fresh Approach Starter Pack
The new Vic Firth "Fresh Approach Starter Pack" is designed to supply the serious beginnning percussion student with the best tools available at an affordable cost. All three items were hand selected for their educational value and ability to provide the student with products that will help establish a solid foundation on which to build. Includes an SD1‚ a 6" practice pad‚ a Vic Firth Rudiment Poster and A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum by Mark Wessels. Included with the book are 2 audio accompaniment CD's and an instructional CD-ROM.
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