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Rudiments on Double Pedal

April 19, 2011 2:37 am in Drumset, Marching by Claus Hessler

Transferring rudiments from the hands to the feet is basically nothing really new. A real challenge however can be to work on rudimental passages that also contain double strokes. In the following clip I am trying to transfer a passage from a Basle Drumming tune called "Dr Winschdi" from hands to feet.

Putting Together a Drum Fest…For the Right Reasons

December 21, 2010 12:41 am in Drumset by Gus Rios

TITANS OF THE THRONE is a new and unique drum festival designed to not only educate, but inspire! Four of today's most iconic and prominent players in metal together to help save the art of drumming. Putting together such an event wasn't easy, but neither is mastering the instrument...both of which I am passionate about!

Extreme metal 101:Part 2-The necessities.

January 11, 2010 11:27 pm in Drumset by Gus Rios

Part 2 of the ongoing series on everything brutal! This time we are talking about the necessities needed to play extreme metal: the cymbals, drumheads, and sticks. Proper selection and sound choices can help you reach your goal of becoming a speed demon much easier and quicker!!

Extreme metal 101: Part 1 in a series

December 3, 2009 3:05 pm in Drumset by Gus Rios

Extreme metal drumming has become somewhat of a new “hot topic”, pun intended. In a world where tempos generally live above 200bpm and volumes are extreme, there are many areas that are different than other drumming styles and cultures. In the first part of my series, I'll start with establishing a great home base: the “extreme” drummer’s drum kit.