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Name Elijah Fuller

March 27, 1993

Gender Male
Biography The Name’s Elijah Fuller, Been A Drummer for quite a while, just over 7 years now, Im a Proud User of Vic Firth, Actually my first pair of sticks were Vic Firth, Signature Sticks (Dave Weckl), Been Using V.F ever since never failed me yet, I have a tremendouse passion for the Drums and Music, I Love The Lessons this site is providing and love learning from other drummers and Musicians, “its how you grow as a musician” My Favorite Drummers: Stewart Copeland, Dave Weckl and Vinnie Callouta

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Tell us more... Well I currently play in a local band called “Voyce” and on Sundays I play with various musicians, I wouldn’t call, myself professional yet, Still learning alot of stuff.
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Drumset, Concert Percussion, Marching Percussion, World Percussion