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    Thanks a lot – glad you like it. Feel free to spread the word :-)

  • Glad you like it – feel free to spread the word!
    All the best from Germany,


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    Transferring rudiments from the hands to the feet is basically nothing really new. A real challenge however can be to work on rudimental passages that also contain double strokes. In the following clip I am trying to transfer a passage from a Basle Drumming tune called “Dr Winschdi” from hands to feet. Under the rudiments [...]

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    ThumbnailHi folks, Here is the sheet music for the piece. It has some specialties regarding notation that you might not be used to; however I think you can adapt to it pretty fast. The right hand is written above the line, the left hand below. Instead of regular flam notation there is a little line attached [...]

  • I remember that one of my most important mentors, Jim Chapin, used to consider playing on a rope tension drum as some kind of litmus test regarding certain technical skills. In fact Sanford Moeller even gave him a drum that he received from one of the veterans that he observed; unfortunately the drum got stolen [...]