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    Wow, that’s pretty darn good!

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    That’s a great guide to self publishing Mark! The biggest thing is to just create the product. Most people don’t have the stick-to-it-ness to produce a product from start to finish. Just about everything I’ve published/produced has been a home job first and then picked up by somebody later (Logic books, Heavy Hitter Pads, my [...]

  • Hey Mark, I posted this before unsuccessfully, here goes my second attempt (part of it is borrowed from another rambling somewhere): Rudiments used to be the building blocks or alphabet of all snare drum literature. Music consisted of those 13 rudiments played in a given order. It was very simple, like a piano player learning [...]

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    Hey Mark, The Modern Drummer magazine was a series on my choice “Top Ten” rudiments before the “Chop Builders” column kicked in. I’ve since expanded it to twelve. I think when these 12 are played slow-fast-slow they cover every hand motion you’ll ever need to play anything. From what I’ve interpreted, rudiments used to be [...]