New Andrew Markworth Mallets for 2014

January 17, 2014 11:52 am in Endorser & Company News by Web Team

Introducing two new Andrew Markworth mallets!

As an instructor, arranger, composer and show designer, Andrew Markworth’s talents have been showcased with some of the very best ensembles in the DCI, WGI and BOA arenas. Most recently, his show design and instruction helped propel the Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps to the 2013 DCI World Championship!

“In collaboration with Vic Firth, I created this mallet series to produce maximum sound projection while maintaining a dark tone quality,” states Markworth. “These mallets create a big, natural sound from the front ensemble that will carry all the way to the press box. As successful as this series has been, I felt there was room for two more models that could enhance the musical offering. After extensive testing, I am excited and proud to announce the release of my two new models!”

Andrew Markworth Signature Keyboard
Medium hard. A blend of warmth and increased articulation that bridges the M231 and M232. The "H" indicates increased hardness.
L = 16 3/4"  [enlarge photo]


Andrew Markworth Signature Keyboard
Hard. Thinner shaft and synthetic core offer increased agility for those who appreciate the M232. The \L\indicates a lighter weight.\\\\\\"\""\\\\""\""\\""\""\\\""\""\\""\""\\\""\""\\""\""\\\""\""\\""\""\\\""\""\\""\""\\""\""\\""\""\\""\""\""\""\"""""
L = 16 3/4" | Dia. = 5/16"  [enlarge photo]


Andrew adds, “Having the opportunity to design and test these new mallets with the 2013 DCI World Champion Carolina Crown pit really helped me fine-tune the final product. Being a part of the Vic Firth team allows me the opportunity to create every sound that I can imagine as an arranger. Vic Firth truly represents the quality I personally look for and can confidently use with my ensembles!”



Official press release and high resolution product images.