Enhancing Your Groove

September 13, 2012 9:04 am in Drumset by kevin fortunato

Hello Everyone, and thanks for tuning in today. Once again MusicianYOU Magazine has allowed insight into some great ideas, topics, discussions, and lessons. In today’s lesson I’ll discuss ways that drummers can color their groove. I guess you could think of it as adding the spice and pepper to your food. Only, in this situation, you should come away hungry – hungry for more that is. The accompanying video is just one example of a far reaching topic. The video just shows one groove with what I call coloring, or layering, your pattern. My hope is that you start to build these ideas into your playing. You could do it as easily as swapping one hihat note for a cowbell instead, and that might be just enough color for a given song. For those of you who are familiar with The Dave Matthews Band know that a drummer like Carter Beauford uses coloring to great extent, and with wonderful results. Even Charlie Watts does it in Honky Tonk Woman with his famous cowbell pattern. If you’re not familiar with this stuff, check it out, as the more you know the better equipped you’ll be going forward. To read the full article, click this link: http://www.musicianyou.com/articles/coloring-your-groove