Marcus Sroge

July 29, 2011 1:11 pm in New Artist Signings by Education Team

      Marcus started playing the drums, and studying drums/percussion, at the age of nine.  In addition to studying with Peter Herr and  Jake Jerger [former Slingerland Drum Company Clinician] Marcus was the “first chair” snare drummer in his school orchestra and was performing (Hendrix, Santana, Beatles and  Rolling Stones) in local rock bands  by the age of 13.

     As an accomplished drummer, percussionist, clinician,  gigging and teaching professional – Marcus  brings 30+ years of real world drumming experience to live performances, recording sessions and his teaching practice.   As a youth, and through his teens, (1967 – 1975) he studied drums/percussion with Jake Jerger [former Slingerland Drum Company Clinician],  Tony Caselli and Joe Varhula.  Marcus’  first professional drumming performance was at the age of 13.   His Santana Soul Sacrifice drum solo thrilled the crowd to a standing ovation.

     Marcus has studied music theory, voice, piano and guitar. Collectively, these pursuits  have rounded Marcus out not just as a drummer, but as a seasoned musician.  He has drummed for numerous bands and music projects including:  pop,  progressive rock,  funk, 50′  – 60s’ rock, classic rock and  R&B among others.   Marcus is currently the drummer/percussionist for the Mike Michalak Band.   He will be conducting a Drum Master Class/Clinic entitled Master The Art of Drumming  in September  2011.

     Marcus is the inventor of the Perpetual Groove, Relative Independence, RudiMax, and 16-8-4  drum methods.    Marcus is a member of  The VIC FIRTH EDUCATION TEAM and  PERCUSSIVE ARTS SOCIETY.   He is available for studio recording sessions, jingle work, touring and private drum lessons and drum clinics.