Vic Firth Welcomes Carter Beauford to the Family

March 28, 2011 12:02 pm in Endorser & Company News, New Artist Signings by Web Team


Vic Firth Company, the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of drumsticks and mallets, is proud to announce that Carter Beauford has joined their growing family of artists! A founding member of Dave Matthews Band and truly one of the best-known drummers in the world, Carter brought his immense talent to Vic Firth in search of the perfect pair.

“When you work as much as we do, there isn’t a lot of time to try out new gear,” states Beauford. “You get kind of locked into a routine. And that’s sometimes unfortunate, because there could be something out there that’s better. That was the case with me and Vic Firth! When a friend of mine recently put some Vic Sticks in my hands, I could not believe the difference. The stick not only felt perfectly straight and balanced, but I could also hear the difference immediately. I found I didn’t have to work so hard because the stick was working for me. It was then I realized that I had found the right tool for the job.” – Carter Beauford


Carter Beauford (SBEA)
A 5B shaft with an extended taper and elongated oval wood tip. Superior response‚ sound and versatility. Dressed in yellow Vic Grip.
L = 16" | Dia. = .595"  [enlarge photo]

A soft felt core covered with fleece for lush sounds.
Head = 1 3/8" | L = 14 3/4"  [enlarge photo]

Enter the Carter Beauford Giveaway!

What’s a big announcement without an awesome giveaway to go with it? They go hand-in-hand! In honor of Carter joining the Vic Firth family, we’ve put together a prize package that we think you’re really going to dig. We’re going to run this contest all week.  On Friday, April 1st (no fooling) one lucky person will win:

  • The very first brick of Carter Beauford Signature Sticks to leave the factory (12 pairs!)
  • A digital download of MP3s featuring Carter’s recorded work, including THE ENTIRE DAVE MATTHEWS BAND STUDIO CATALOG!
  • A Vic Firth Stick Caddy
  • A Vic Firth t-shirt, hat and drum key
  • Posters, stickers and more


Just leave a comment on this page! Are you a fan of Carter? Tell us why. What’s your favorite Carter groove? What do you think of his new signature stick? All comments related to Carter will be eligible. Once you’ve commented, share this page on Twitter and Facebook using the share buttons below. We’ll randomly select a winner on Friday (4/1) at noon, EST.


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