Putting Together a Drum Fest…For the Right Reasons

December 21, 2010 12:41 am in Drumset by Gus Rios

Both Patrick and myself are proud Vic Firth artists!I’ve been kicking around this idea for literally two years now and I’ve finally put this thing together! Titans of the Throne Drum Festival features four of today’s most prominent and iconic drummers in metal. This festival is my way of getting the word out to the younger generation of drummers…”WALK BEFORE YOU RUN!”. Through the years I’ve seen somewhat of a decline in what I think of as the art of drumming as it relates to extreme metal. Drummers are no doubt getting faster and faster, but the “art” of genuinely playing the drums seems to have gone by the way side. The focus is on sheer speed and nothing more, and now there is a legion of drummers who can push tempos past 260bpm but can’t play a shuffle or a simple 2 and 4 rock beat. This brings me to the Titans festival…a culmination of many of my efforts to educate the masses through various outlets such as the one you are currently reading.  All four of the players on the bill have been recording and touring since the early 90′s and are still doing it today. This means a few things..1. We’ve all recorded albums before the invention of Pro-tools, 2. We’ve all had to rely on mics and not triggers, and 3. We’ve all grown up on albums that featured “real” drums! Today’s metal is all very processed and the drums are the most edited instrument on most recordings. Drummers are learning to rely on technology and that’s bad for the “art”! My hopes are that through this festival we can reach out to not only the newer generations and get them on the right path, but also to simply inspire anyone to take interest in the art of drumming or return to the drums. I purposely chose drummers who’s talents and styles were varied and show that there’s more than one way to skin a cat! Patrick Johansson who plays with guitar idol, Yngwie Malmsteen, is a powerhouse player who relies on fewer but rock solid notes to make his mark. Steve Asheim of death metal icons, Deicide, helped shape and define an entire genre as he’s not only a killer drummer, but also the primary songwriter for the band. Sean Reinert of Cynic and formerly of Death, was the man who single handedly introduced fusion-esque chops and dynamics to extreme metal, elevating and changing the face of the genre forever! And anyone who’s been reading my others articles knows what I’m all about…diversity. Be a chameleon behind the kit! Together I think that this makes for a new and unique event that I hope to grow into a global phenomenon! All in the name of art…playing drums!

I’m not sure why most promoters or agents book festivals, but I would imagine it must be to turn a profit. I put together TITANS OF THE THRONE simply because I am passionate about the drums and also about education. Hope to see a few of you there!