A “Simple” Solution with a New Series of Recordings

December 10, 2010 10:33 am in Endorser & Company News by Artist Relations

DohertyBRONXVILLE, NY (December 1, 2010) Drummer Brian Doherty has released a recording of original, unique, and royalty-free drum tracks entitled Keep It Simple.  The Keep It Simple series, created by Doherty, is designed to offer practical songwriting and production solutions. Each drum track is between two and three minutes long (the average length of a pop song) and was performed by Brian in a single take.  “The tracks were recorded without editing or digital enhancing.  They can be used ‘as is’, or can be tailored by editing,” Doherty explains.  Keep It Simple, Volume 1, includes thirteen drum tracks and is complete with organic fills, crashes and ghost notes.  It is now available on cdbaby or on  iTunes.

 Unlike ordinary drum loops, that can be short and synthetic-sounding, Doherty’s Keep It Simple, Volume 1, provides the organic foundation for any music production.  “I realize that there are plenty of good loop libraries on the market,” Doherty admits.  “But I felt there was a void that needed to be filled since most loops are only short segments.  They might sound impressive initially, but they don’t create an atmosphere of believability within the music.  It becomes apparent that the whole track is synthetic and not really played by a real drummer.  With the Keep It Simple series on the other hand, you have full-length drum tracks right out of the box, that sound much like the tracks you’d hear at a recording session for your own music.  In fact, songs can be composed right on top of the tracks in this series, bringing songwriters and producers one step closer to realizing their music.” Keep It Simple, Volume 1 is available now on iTunes and cdbabyVolume 2 of this series will be released in early 2011. 

 A veteran drummer, Brian Doherty is known for his versatile style, and work with bands like Grammy winners They Might Be Giants, British super group XTC, and The Silos (Rolling Stone Magazine’s Best Band in America).  Doherty has also supplied beats to Ben Folds, Freedy Johnston, Twyla Tharp, Christy Thompson, M2M and Frank Black of The Pixies

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