Collapsed Rudiments

October 8, 2010 3:00 am in Drumset, Marching by Claus Hessler

Hi everybody,

this post is about seeing rudiments through Jim Chapin’s eyes … one thing he just loved to do was changing the distances between the notes of a rudiment. What comes out is a different pattern using the same sticking – but with a totally new sound and rhythm. In most cases you really develop a new rudiment while in some special cases you learn about parallels you have not thought about before: The Single Paradiddle and the Flam Accent share the same sticking – different rhythm. Same applies to the Pataflafla and the Paradiddle-diddle. Originally intended to be “Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer Vol. III, Jim delegated that idea and project to Dom Famularo and myself. Before coming up with the corresponding book-project we decided to put together an educational poster to share and spread the idea about this concept that Jim already started in the 60′s. Watch the following clip to learn about the concept:

Get the educational poster with collapsed rudiments and corresponding exercises through or

Hope you like it and enjoy the journey!

Claus + Dom