Sheet Music for “Another Garryowen”

May 29, 2010 4:47 am in Drumset, Marching by Claus Hessler

Hi folks,

Here is the sheet music for the piece. It has some specialties regarding notation that you might not be used to; however I think you can adapt to it pretty fast. The right hand is written above the line, the left hand below. Instead of regular flam notation there is a little line attached to the notehead (‘). A note with the right hand (above the line) having this attachment on the notehead will therefore be a flam “left/right” and vice versa. Got it? That is a pretty common way how the Swiss notate flams.

It takes a little while until you are used to it but then I think it becomes easier than reading regular flam notation with the little note plus having to read the sticking. Notating in two different levels instead of indicating stickings is another typical Swiss thing that can also be found in Scottish Drumming as well. Some of the very first American Drum Manuals (like Charles Ashworth’s 1812 book) is also written this way – however with the left hand on top and the right hand on the bottom. O.K., so read along with the video and check out what goes on.

In the next post I might explain a little more about typical Swiss ingredients and some more “hybrid-like” patterns. Have fun and feel free to throw any questions in!