Some New Ways Using the Brushes

December 4, 2009 2:07 pm in Drumset by Florian Alexandru-Zorn

Hallo to all drummers and percussionists / Members of this great VF – Family!

My name is Florian Alexandru-Zorn and I am the author of the book “The Art Of Brushplaying” which is out at the Alfred Publishing.

I want to show you some videos from my DVD with some special ways playing the brushes.

But first I’d like to ask you how you drummers out there got into brushes? I mean, everybody has got some pair of brushes (I hope only good ones made by VF ;-) ) – but most drummers do only know a few licks and patterns. So was I!

But when I was 16 year old I had the chance to go on tour with a polish guitarist named Romuald Erenc (one of the most popular clasical guitarists in europe). We played in a duo so I had to play with brushes for most of the time. The tracks wher in odd meters (some sick things like 13/8 and so on) so my brush skills did not really satisfy myself.

Every teacher I had said: “Man the brushes are so difficult. It’s an Art to play with them. Tanscribe guys like Papa Jo Jones, Philly Jo Jones, Art Blakey, Jeff Hamilton, …..

So I transcribed like hell…..

Florian A.Zorn6

In my opinion it’s not worthwhile to learn some licks and moves. Because these moves don’t fit in every musical context. I mean, when you learn a 4/4 medium tempo lick it does nt fit with every 4/4 song especially with all the accents.

So I tried to learn the brushes in a whole different way:

1. I studied all possible movements I could do on a drum: a circle, a halfcircle, linear motions (like painting a Z ….) and combining all of those figures

2. I tried to play every note in every motion: 4ths, 8ths, 16ths, triplets, quintuplets…. in a circle …. in a half circle….

3. I tried to get accents in different ways: with preasure,  with acceleration and the combination of both

…..  there are many more things iI did but it’s late…..

so i found a way for myself to play every rhythm I could play with sticks to play with brushes.

here ar some videos where I tried to play the rudiments with brushes.




so hope you got some new ideas and keep on sweeping!

… sorry for my bad german english