Happening Now In The Exchange

  • One Handed Drum Fill Idea by Todd Walker
     In this video series by Todd Walker we check out a lesson with a "One Handed Fill" concept.  Thanks for watching!
  • Performance-That Crazy Funk by Todd Walker
    In this video series by Todd Walker we check out  a performance tracking in the studio to the tune "That Crazy Funk", by Hot
  • Enhancing drum roll speed by Kevin Prince
    In this video Drummer101.com's Kevin Prince will demonstrate a few practice tips that will help you gain speed and control with your rudiments. For more
  • Check out Todd Walker on Vic Firth main site! by Todd Walker
    Check out Todd now featured on the main site of Vic Firth.com Thanks to the entire staff at Vic Firth for the continued support.

In The News

  • NEW Products for NAMM 2015!Vic Firth Company, the world's largest and leading manufacturer of drumsticks and mallets, is proud to announce several new products for 2015! Press releases and
  • The Revolutionary new "Split Brush"Vic Firth Company Introduces New ‘Split Brush’ Retractable Wire Brush Inspired by and designed with German drumming sensation, Florian Alexandru-Zorn, the Split Brush represents a brand
  • Steve Smith Tala Wand - Slats (TW4)Vic Firth Co. Introduces New Steve Smith Tala Wand - Slats! “As much as I love my two existing Tala Wand models, I felt there was
  • Announcing 5A and 5B with Barrel Tips! American Classic® 5A and 5B Now Available with Barrel Tips For over 35 years, the American Classic® 5A and 5B have been the popular choice of