Mark Wessels' Rudimental Technique
     Exercise #2: Stick Control

This exercise is adapted from several sticking exercises included in George Lawrence Stone's Stick Control for the Snare Drummer. I highly recommend that every drummer should own a copy of this book and work out of it frequently if you want to develop real control over your sticks!

The first measure is a simple alternating hand check pattern, followed by a sticking pattern (in measure 2, the sticking pattern is a paradiddle). You'll go back and forth between the measure of "check" and new sticking patterns. The check establishes a consistent tempo and sound from hand to hand. Try to match that consistency as you move from the check into the sticking pattern.

Don't forget to "take it off the left" (start the exercise with your left hand and use the opposite sticking throughout), as well as practicing at various dynamic levels and types of stroke styles (legato, staccato, etc).

Watch Mark's video lesson:


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