1-2-3 and 3-2-1's



Check out Jeff's Vic Firth Signature Stick!

Designed with the solo performer in mind, Jeff's signature stick has full round tip for consistent sound quality regardless of the angle of approach. The long taper and reduced neck size produce excellent speed. A slight taper toward the rounded butt end improves “back-sticking” control and sound quality. L=17”, Dia.=.725” at butt, .675” at shaft.

These exercises are excerpted from Jeff's book, THE NEXT LEVEL: RUDIMENTAL SNARE DRUM TECHNIQUES

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Jeff Queen: “Playing with Sticks”

Featuring 4 time solo snare drumming world champion Jeff Queen, this DVD presents a comprehensive approach for developing hand technique and a detailed look at contemporary rudimental drumming. “Playing with Sticks” is designed to work as a companion to Queen's acclaimed book, “The Next Level.”

Excerpt #1:  Hybrid Rudiments
Excerpt #2:  Morphing Rudiments
Excerpt #3:  Stick Tricks
Excerpt #4:  Championship Solo, “Tribute”,
     with bonus audio commentary from Jeff!

With a running time of 3 hours and 36 minutes, “Playing with Sticks” presents essential hand techniques and a detailed analysis of the Moeller and Velocity strokes. Jeff demonstrates how to apply these techniques to flams, diddles, rolls, and hybrid rudiments, talks about timing, and much more. With explanations of "The Grid" and "4-2-1", valuable information on solo construction and achieving speed, and many backsticking and stick trick ideas, this DVD is a virtual encyclopedia of snare drum techniques. This DVD is a "must-have" for any serious drummer beginner or advanced! For more information, visit!

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