Double Bass Drumming With George Kollias

In this lesson series, Vic Firth signature artist GEORGE KOLLIAS introduces some of the concepts from his latest book, The Odyssey of Double Bass Drumming. George is renowned for his outrageous technical prowess! With feet that move faster than most people’s hands, George has brought a new level of possibilities to drum set playing.

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The Odyssey of Double Bass Drumming
Part 1: The Beginning

The series is going to be completed in 3 different books. Each book is going to represent a different level of drumming and the goal of this series of books is to create the most useful tool for both students and teachers!

In part one, George is focusing more on beginners, but this book is also great for more advanced drummers to return to the basics. As an owner of the book you will get an access code to explore all the Online Bonus materials – lots of exercises and play-along tracks. On top of that, George will frequently add more stuff like videos, games and new play-alongs.

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Lesson Four

In this lesson, George demonstrates his "Basic Rhythm Scale" exercise. Start slow and work your way up to faster tempos!

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  • Lesson One

    Setting up your first double bass pattern.

  • Lesson Two

    Linking the right hand and right foot.

  • Lesson Three

    A/B section combinations.

  • Lesson Four

    Basic Rhythm Scale Exercise.