Mark Wessels' A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum Video Lessons
     Lesson Four

In this lesson, you'll learn 2 new technique exercises, the essential rudiments Single Stroke 4 and Single Paradiddle (step one), learn to count and play half notes and rests in quarter time signatures and 8th notes and rests in eight time signatures, and apply the 5 stroke roll to your first rudimental etude.

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 1. Technique Warmup / Isolated Double Strokes / Stick Control  2. Snare Drum Rudiment: The Single Stroke Four
3. Half Notes and Rests in Quarter Time 4. Essential Rudiment: Single Paradiddle, Step One
5. Counting 8th notes and rests in 8 time signatures 6. Rudimental Etude


To master this lesson, you must:

At 110 bpm, practice the "8 on a hand" (1 minute) and "Stick Control 2" exercise (isolate one line each day, for a full minute)

At 140 bpm, practice the RUDIMENTS, "Up / Downs" and "Isolated Double Stroke" exercise everyday for at least 30 seconds
    (Rudiments: Single Stroke, Single Stroke 4, Double Stroke, 5 stroke (using doubles), Multiple Bounce, "buzz 5", Single Paradiddle, Step1)

Practice the double stroke exercise (no stick, hand on leg) for 1 minute per hand – as fast and as loud as possible!

Perfectly play the Coordination Exercise (page 12) at 120 bpm (right hand and left hand on top line)

Perfectly play each Appendix Line (page 56), and Playing Exercises 1-4 (page 13) while tapping the foot and counting out loud:
    Day 1: at 100 bpm
    Day 2: at 110 bpm
    Day 3: with these accompaniment CD tracks:  |  Appendix Lines  |  Playing Exercises  |

Perfectly play each Playing Exercises 5-7 (page 13) while tapping the foot and counting out loud:
    Day 1: at 120 bpm
    Day 2: at 130 bpm
    Day 3: with the accompaniment CD track

Perfectly play the Rudimental Etude #1 (line #8, page 13) at 60 bpm, using double stroke AND multiple bounce rolls

These lessons are excerpted from Mark Wessels' book, A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum, the most comprehensive method available that simultaneously provides instruction for rhythm reading, technique fundamentals, rudimental training, coordination and musicianship necessary for today's well rounded percussionist!

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