Mark Wessels' A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum Video Lessons
     Introduction: Basic Concepts and Techniques

In this lesson, you'll learn all the fundamentals for setting up and tuning your new drum, as well as how to grip the sticks and make the proper rebound stroke.

 1. Setting up your practice pad / snare drum  2. Learn the parts of the drum & how to tune it
3. Practice suggestions 4. Establish the proper grip and playing position
5. Learn the rebound stroke  

To master this lesson, you must:

Set up your pad and snare drum    •   Define from memory the parts of the snare drum

Describe from memory all 7 checkpoints for the proper matched grip    •    Describe the concept of "muscle memory"

Practice a perfect rebound stroke:
    Day 1: at 60 beats per minute (using a metronome) for 5 minutes per hand
    Day 2: at 80 bpm for 5 min per hand
    Day 3: at 100 bpm for 5 min per hand
    Day 4: at 120 bpm for 5 min per hand

These exercises are excerpted from Mark Wessels' book, A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum, the most comprehensive method available that simultaneously provides instruction for rhythm reading, technique fundamentals, rudimental training, coordination and musicianship necessary for today's well rounded percussionist!

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