The Speed Rating Chart.
Peter Magadini

The Speed Rating Chart allows drummers to track his or her hand to hand stick speed while at the same time developing a more proficient and overall faster single stroke roll (the most fundamental and important of them all). The rhythms are graduated and increase in speed with each consecutive rhythmic line.

The speed is rated as to how many beats you can play in 60 seconds. Therefore, the first line logically begins with quarter notes. Each (one) quarter note corresponds with one click of a metronome set at 60bpm* (beats per minute). At this slow speed, your speed rating would therefore be measured as a 60 (60 notes in 60 seconds). After that the following speed of each new rhythmic line increases dramatically. **

You will find that the continuous playing of a single stroke roll for 60 seconds, focusing on a specific rhythmic system near the top of your own personal best, can be very chalenging (in other words 60 seconds may seem like a long time).

Use the Speed Rating Chart as a learning tool to improve your single stroke roll speed while at the same time increasing your own 'personal best' speed rating to new levels.

*The Guinness Book of Records now recognizes the fastest drummer in the world. This is competition also based on how many single strokes a drummer can play in 60 seconds

**Not all rhythms are even rhythms, some are odd rhythms (ie: 3's 5's & 7's...)

The Speed Rating Chart:

What Is Your Speed Rating?

How to check your speed rating:

Set your metronome to 60 bpm (beats per minute)

Then find the fastest hand to hand, single stroke rhythmic subdivision that you can maintain for one entire minute (ie: 60 ticks of a metronome set at 60).

This then becomes your speed rating.

= 60 bpm (beats per minute)
= 120 bpm
= 180 bpm
= 240 bpm
= 300 bpm
= 360 bpm
= 420 bpm
= 480 bpm
= 600 bpm
= 720 bpm
= 840 bpm
= 960 bpm
= 1200 bpm


* May also be used to gauge bass drum speed and double bass drum speed.