Vic Firth artist John Wysocki plays drums for the band STAIND. Staind’s sixth studio album may be titled The Illusion Of Progress, but there’s no mistaking just how far the band has come since the release of their major label debut less than a decade ago.

Look no further than the array of Staind “firsts” that earmark the new release: It’s the first album where guitarist Mike Mushok solos, as well as the first where he wrote and recorded on a standard guitar, rather than his customary baritone.

Despite the band’s heralded run of ten Top 10 hits at radio – including four No. 1 singles – it’s the first time that they have recorded a song that they almost feel can be classified as a pop song, and it is also the first time that frontman Aaron Lewis has taken a political stance lyrically. On that same lyrical front, Mushok is proud to point out, with a laugh, that “consciously, I don’t think Aaron says the word ‘pain’ once throughout the record!”


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