Brian was introduced to the drums by his father at age five with his interest quickly deepening at age nine when rock music became a primary focus and passion. A pivotal moment occurred in 1992 when Brian’s father brought him to see The Elvin Jones’ Jazz Machine and Brian witnessed his first up-close exposure to the drummer who would become his principal inspiration on the instrument. At sixteen years old, Brian began playing gigs in clubs with bands around New England before moving from New Hampshire to Boston in 1999. There, he played with several Boston punk bands on both drums and bass guitar, before forming The Dresden Dolls in October 2000 with songwriter/pianist, Amanda Palmer.

After signing with Roadrunner Records in early 2004, the band has re-released their self-titled debut The Dresden Dolls to worldwide acclaim and recently made their Billboard debut with the equally applauded follow up, Yes, Virginia. In addition, the band’s live audiences continue to grow exponentially around the globe as The Dresden Dolls have completed headlining sold-out tours on four continents, supported Nine Inch Nails, and performed at world renown festivals including Reading, Leeds, Coachella, Fuji Rock, Roskilde and Glastonbury. Most recently Brian and The Dresden Dolls will be co-writing and performing in a musical stage production of The Onion Cellar with the American Reparatory Theatre in Cambridge, MA.

When not on tour with The Dresden Dolls, Brian enjoys giving drum lessons and collaborating with many other Boston musicians including The Gill Aharon Trio, Neovoxer Ensemble, Reverend Glasseye, HUMANWINE and cooking huge dinners with his friends.

Brian's stick of choice:
American Sound® 5A
Round tip for increased focus and clarity. Light and fast for jazz‚ orchestral and pit work.
L = 16 | Dia. = .565"
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