Vic Firth artist Trey Gray hails from South Bend, IN, but made the move to Nashville in 1990. Trey got his first big break at the end of 1993 when he got the gig with a new female artist named Faith Hill. Trey played with Faith all the way through 2000. During those years Trey appeared on every t.v. show from Leno to Letterman, The Grammy's to the Diva's, tons of award shows, and countless music videos.

From there Trey went on to play with alt/pop sensation Jewel on her comeback album and tour. With Jewel, he traveled around the world and even won a "Drummie" award, from Drum magazine.

On a break from touring with Jewel, Trey got a call to finish up a summer tour with country legends Brooks & Dunn. This was 2003 and he's been playing with the band ever since! When he is not touring, Trey produces new acts at his studio, a Victorian house built in 1900. He also was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease in 2003, and continues to travel and speak at charity events around the world to help raise awareness and money.

Trey's weapons of choice:
Gregg Bissonette (SGB)
A beefed-up 2B featuring a heavy shoulder and neck.
L = 16 1/4" | Dia. = .620"
  [enlarge photo]
Steve Smith (SSS)
Elongated tip with a long shoulder and short taper. Provides the feel of a 5A with the beef of a 5B.
L = 16" | Dia. = .555"
  [enlarge photo]
American Classic® MetalN
Oval tip. Offers extra reach and power.
L = 17" | Dia. = .635"
  [enlarge photo]


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