Some drummers hit. Some drummers tap. When it comes to drums and partying, nobody hits it harder than me. The only tappin I'm doing is when I'm tappin the keg after the show! I was raised in Jersey by my grandmother. She lived through the great depression. It must’ve really left an impression on her, cause growing up she never let me leave the dinner table without finishing every scrap of food on my plate. It was always high carb stuff, too. This led to me being morbidly obese by the third grade. I once missed the opportunity to audition for Bon Jovi by being over the weight limit by 230 plus lbs.

Now I play in the best heavy metal band in the world (in the over 50 category), Steel Panther!!! I get to travel all over the world and infect earholes with the power of heavy metal! It's not all fun and games. One time in Gemany, I got caught by the cops with 3 escorts and several fake passports. German jail looked like it was gonna be rough, but I came to learn that the judge handling my case was a former member of Fastway and a huge Steel Panther fan. Not surprisingly, the case was thrown out of court and all charges were dropped. I love heavy metal!

Thanks, Vic Firth, for making the best sticks in the world. Without you, I would probably had to have made a career out of the djembe, and that isn't heavy metal AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!


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Stix Zadinia's stick of choice:
Lite Stix
Made from select hickory in the design of the American Classic Rock®‚ Lite Stix maximizes the drummers' visual effect without sacrificing the balance and feel of a standard stick. Lite Stix features an LED light in the tip for 7 color settings including green‚ blue‚ red‚ violet‚ aqua‚ yellow and ice blue‚ as well as slow‚ medium and fast strobe effects. Includes USB charger. Full charge provides a minimum of 4 hours of use.
L = 16 5/8" | Dia. = .630"
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