Born into a musical family, Damien learned drums with his father (Daniel Schmitt) and was exposed to music as a profession at the age of four. His mother was a piano teacher and singer in the family orchestra. Damien took an early interest to singing and later learned several instruments including bass and guitar.

At the age of 16 he formed the group Yossoma for which he composed and wrote his first songs. He released two albums: Le scatstyle des rastyles (1996) and FM Francophone Revolution (1998). The group performed all over France and was a finalist at the Printemps de Bourges Springboard in 2000. At same time, Damien performed in several bands in different genres of music ranging from funk to hip hop, metal, jazz (trio, quartet and big band), jazz fusion and even the batucada.

After selling thousands of self-produced records, he moved to Paris. This is where he started playing as a live drummer on tour for the most famous French artists

These days, Damien is focusing his attention and energy on his solo carreer. He is currently in Brittany (Northwest part of France), where he grew up, working on his first solo album. Fans can look forward to some exciting Progressive Jungle Electro Rock coming down the pipeline soon!


Damien Chooses:
American Classic® 8D
Like the 7A‚ with a bit more reach.
L = 16" | Dia. = .540"
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