Jeff Queen has marched in the snare lines of the Bluecoats, Velvet Knights, Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Knights, and the University of North Texas. He was the D.C.I. Individual and Ensemble Snare Drum Champion in 1994 and 1995 as well as the P.A.S. Individual Snare Drum Champion in 1994 and 1995.

Jeff is an original cast member of the Tony and Emmy award winning Broadway Show BLAST!, where he was a solo performer and battery instructor from 1999–2003. Jeff has performed on stages across the country and in Europe, including Broadway and London. In addition, Jeff has appeared on numerous Television shows including: The Late Show with David Letterman, The Kennedy Center Honors, and The Making of Blast! on PBS DVD and Video.

Currently, Jeff lives in Indianapolis where he is the battery instructor for the Avon High School Band. Jeff is a sought after arranger, clinician, adjudicator and performer internationally.

PASIC 2010 - 4x4x4 = Drumming For Life

 Clip #1: Solo - "Double Flag"
  Jeff performs his snare drum solo "Double Flag".
 Clip #2: Timing Skills
  Improving timing through an understanding of the four basic strokes, their note groupings, and sound quality.
 Clip #3: Timing Skills, "Shaken and Stirred"
  Jeff continues to explore duple rhythms, triplet rhythms, polyrhythms and odd-note groupings. These concepts are applied in the performance of Jeff's piece "Shaken and Stirred" for three percussionists on drumset and shaker.
 Clip #4: Multiple Heights, "The Aisle Seat"
  Learn how working on multiple height and note groupings can open the door to a greater understanding of the rudiments and complex rhythms.
 Clip #5 Bounce Strokes, Solo - "Help Desk"
  Jeff discusses the basics of bounce and buzz stroke mechanics and performs his solo "Help Desk"
 Clip #6 Flam Skills, Solo - "Tax Time"
  Hear Jeff's approach to same hand flams, alternating flams and flam rudiments -- and check out Jeff's solo, "Tax Time"
 Clip #7 Performance - "Tribute"
  Jeff closes out the clinic with a performance of his famous solo "Tribute"!


Vic Firth / Hudson Music Video Feature:
Jeff Queen: “Playing with Sticks”

Featuring 4 time solo snare drumming world champion Jeff Queen, this DVD presents a comprehensive approach for developing hand technique and a detailed look at contemporary rudimental drumming. “Playing with Sticks” is designed to work as a companion to Queen's acclaimed book, “The Next Level.”

Excerpt #1:  Hybrid Rudiments
Excerpt #2:  Morphing Rudiments
Excerpt #3:  Stick Tricks
Excerpt #4:  Championship Solo, “Tribute”,
     with bonus audio commentary from Jeff!

With a running time of 3 hours and 36 minutes, “Playing with Sticks” presents essential hand techniques and a detailed analysis of the Moeller and Velocity strokes. Jeff demonstrates how to apply these techniques to flams, diddles, rolls, and hybrid rudiments, talks about timing, and much more. With explanations of "The Grid" and "4-2-1", valuable information on solo construction and achieving speed, and many backsticking and stick trick ideas, this DVD is a virtual encyclopedia of snare drum techniques. This DVD is a "must-have" for any serious drummer beginner or advanced! For more information, visit!

Jeff's signature stick:
Jeff Queen Solo Stick (SJQ)
Full round tip for consistent sound quality regardless of the angle of approach. The long taper and reduced neck size produce excellent speed. A slight taper toward the rounded butt end improves back-sticking control and sound quality.
L = 17" | Dia. =.725" at butt | .675" at shaft.
  [enlarge photo]

“The Next Level: Rudimental Snare Drum Techniques”

Download Sample Pages in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat 5 required)

Ask for The Next Level at your local retail music store, or order online at


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