Growing up, Neil spent a lot of time experimenting with different instruments in the music room at his school. That's when he discovered a passion for playing drums.

In the fall of 1992, he started high-school and met Adam Gontier. The two formed a band called "Groundswell". Neil lived close to the school so his house became their rehearsal space almost everyday. Throughout high-school they would play any stage they could get on. The band went through some line-up changes and eventually decided to change their name to "Three Days Grace". Today, Neil Sanderson is the drummer, backing vocalist, and co-founder of the multi platinum-selling Canadian band.

When it came time to choose an album title for the follow-up to Three Days Grace's 2006’s platinum-certified One-X, the four band members thought the phrase "life starts now" summed things up pretty well.

According to Neil, "The new album is basically a commentary on the last couple years of our lives. Things have been fairly traumatic for more than one of us. We’ve all had to confront death on a few different levels, and we've had family go through some health-related things, so, for us, Life Starts Now reflects that feeling of redefining what life is and what it means to be alive after you hit rock bottom."

"Even though we wanted this album to be different, there’s a lot that hasn’t changed," says Sanderson. "We still use music as a way to release emotion. The other thing that hasn’t changed is the best part of it all: getting up on stage and killing it in front of 20,000 people!"

Check out our video interview with Neil below to hear a little bit about the latest album, his approach to writing killer drum parts, and his Vic Firth stick of choice!


Neil's stick of choice:
Danny Carey (SDC)
A truly unique stick! Features a cut-in design at the gripping area for improved comfort and a tapered butt end for improved balance.
L = 16 1/2" | Dia. = .695" at butt | .630" at shaft
  [enlarge photo]