Among musicians, Morgenstein is widely known for his work with the Dixie Dregs. The band, led by guitarist Steve Morse, formed in the middle 1970s while Morgenstein and the rest of the band were students at the University of Miami. With virtually no radio support, but a great word-of-mouth reputation, the band became a force to be reckoned with. The Dregs received Grammy nominations for each of their last six recordings and much coverage in music trade magazines throughout the 1980s. Modern Drummer magazine named Morgenstein Best Progressive Rock Drummer for five consecutive years. Rod was also voted Best All-Around Drummer in their 1999 reader's poll.

After the Dregs disbanded, Morgenstein continued touring and recording with the three-piece Steve Morse Band until 1986, when Morse took a gig with the group Kansas. Out of work for the first time since college, Morgenstein struggled a bit before surfacing as a member of the soon-to-be platinum-selling pop metal band Winger.

Rod continues to record and tour with Winger and The Dixie Dregs, as well as his power duo with Dream Theater keyboardist The Rudess Morgenstein Project, jam band Jazz Is Dead, and The Jelly Jam, a power trio with John Myung (bass-Dream Theater) and Ty Tabor (guitar-vox/King's X). A professor of Percussion at Berklee College of Music, Rod recently created 'Rock Drums', a 12-week on-line college-accredited course available through Berklee Music. Additionally, Rod is the author of Drum Set Warm-Ups, and The Drumset Musician, which Modern Drummer Magazine just listed as one of the 25 most important drum books. A veteran of hundreds of drum clinics and drum magazine articles, Rod continues to divide his time between drum education and recording and touring.


 Installment 1:
  Learn how Rod got his start with the Dixie Dregs as a student at the University of Miami and how the band landed their first record deal!
 Installment 2:
  Rod talks about transitioning from the Dixie Dregs to the world of Winger.
 Installment 3:
  Rod offers some career advice for the working drummer and discusses the importance of versatility.

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