​Michael Iveson's career from a distance looks like a well orchestrated plan for success - dropping out of high school early to tour in a van to recording one of Australia's highest selling debut records. Working with the who's who of the Australian music industry to conquering the world with grammy winning artist Gotye. If you ask Michael, it's been anything but...

"If someone looked at my career from afar it may look like I know what I'm doing but trust me, I've never really had any plan beyond. I find people I like and try as hard as I can to make something great. It doesn't always work out but I'm a believer in music and I trust that music will look out for me if I look out for it."

That all sounds easy doesn't it?

"It's not an easy job. I have definitely struggled from time to time. The music game isn't all rainbows and dolphins - you need a thick skin and an open heart - that's a hard balance. I do believe that if you have empathy, humility, and a genuine excitement for music, the hard times will pass."

So what does the future hold for this Australian who recently took his suitcase off the tour bus in Los Angeles and decided to stay?

"Who knows?? Not one seems to really mind that I'm making it up as I go along."


See what Michael's using:
Peter Erskine Ride Stick (SPE2)
An extra long taper and tear drop tip for enhanced cymbal response. Beefed-up shaft for extra power.
L = 16" | Dia. = .575"
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