Jason has worked steadily for the past 20+ years as a performer and educator both regionally and across the US. Since 2003, Jason's primary commitment has been with the band Death Cab For Cutie and he is featured on their latest albums, Transatlanticism, Plans and Narrow Stairs. He has also been very involved as a session player, engineer, studio drum tech and side man working with independent and major label artists that are internationally recognized in various genres of music.

In addition to his busy schedule as a player, Jason has been a core staff member and private instructor at The Seattle Drum School of Music. While not touring, he holds a steady clientele of students that range in ages from beginners to advanced players, including local and touring professionals.

His expertise has been requested for clinics at schools, music stores and percussion events around the country.


PASIC 2010 - Drumset Clinic

 Clip #1: Incorporating the Left Foot
  Jason talks about some different ways to get your left foot involved in your grooves and discusses how he uses his left foot in the shuffle featured in the Death Cab for Cutie song "Grapevine Fires".
 Clip #2: Q&A, Grapevine Fires
  Jason talks about how he got started playing drums, his history as a teacher, and his beginnings with Death Cab. He demonstrates the groove to "I Will Posess Your Heart" and discusses how he mentally approached the task of writing his drum parts.



Filmed backstage at the Modern Drummer festival 2006, Jason talks about his history, joining Death Cab for Cutie, his practice routine, his favorite sticks and more. Featuring performance clips from his festival performance.

 Part 1
 Part 2
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 Clip 3

Jason's stick of choice:
American Classic® 5A
Tear drop tip for rich cymbal sounds. Light and fast for jazz orchestral and pit work.
L = 16" | Dia. = .565"
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More about Jason . . .

Jason’s primary music education can be attributed to becoming a student at The Seattle Drum School in 1992 where he studied with owner Steve Smith. "Steve taught me a great deal about his many systems of independence. He also taught me how to teach myself….. And now I teach at his school because I believe in his curriculum". But before returning as a teacher he sought out further instruction in the area of technique from John Fisher, a North American Solo Drum Champion, and internationally honored clinician and performer from Vancouver, B.C. John was a member of the Shotts and Dykehead Scottish Pipe band lead by Alex Duthert through several World Championships. Jason studied with John consistently for 3 years and still visits him on occasion. "John Fisher showed me how to economize my stick motions and really dig deep into what’s going on with the hands."

Another teacher who has made a great impression on his playing style is Jim Kilpatrick from Glasgow, Scotland. He is the current World Solo Drumming Champion, holds 13 individual titles and 12 band titles as leader of the Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band, 11 of which are consecutive. Jason attended one his many distinguished schools that he teaches abroad and enjoyed some very thorough private and group instruction in Scottish Drumming.

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