Born in New York City, drummer Lenny White entered the jazz major leagues in 1968 in saxophonist Jackie McLean’s band. In 1969 Miles Davis enlisted him to participate in the groundbreaking Bitches Brew project, and the next year he was in the drum seat for Freddie Hubbard’s classic Red Clay album. White joined the group Azteca in 1972 but let that job slide when he joined the second edition of Return to Forever the same year.

His funkified drum style energized the quartet, helping to define the RTF sound of that period. The All Music Guide says, “As a member of Return to Forever, White gained a strong reputation as one of the top fusion drummers, but he was always versatile enough to play in many settings.”

After leaving RTF in 1976, White delved into other fusion and funk projects. His debut solo outing was 1976’s Venusian Summer followed by Big City for the Nemperor imprint (Atlantic Records). He was signed by Elektra in 1978, which resulted in a string of albums, including Best of Friends in 1978. White worked in various groups, including Twennynine (which he founded) and the Jamaica Boys, as well as in such all-star bands as Echoes of an Era and Griffith Park.

As a musician completely committed to making music of the highest order, Lenny White is completely involved with and dedicated to the instruments that he uses. This year Istanbul Agop will issue a Lenny White cymbal, the 22-inch Lenny White Signature Ride, developed by the drummer and master cymbal makers in Istanbul, Turkey. In addition, Innovation Drum Company® created an entire new Virtuoso Series® drum kit with a special Titanium Series® Snare Drum for Lenny White's 2008 Return To Forever World-Wide Tour. This kit was in the making for over eight months and bears the Virtuoso Series® Trademark that is synonymous with uncompromising quality!

A drummer and producer, Lenny has continued to push the musical envelope, remaining on the cutting edge of the music scene. Currently, Lenny is on tour with the Return To Forever reunion! Visit for a list of tour dates and other information about this exciting reunion!


Montreal Drumfest 2008

 NEW VIDEO - Montréal Drumfest 2008
The drumming world is an ever-changing one, and just when you think you've seen and heard everything, a younger generation of musicians is creating new ways to perform on stage, adding to the educational aspect of our art. Each year, The Montréal Drumfest brings the best drumming talent from around the world to one event! Check out this video of Vic Firth artist Lenny White!

Lenny White has a long history in the music industry as a performer, recording artist, producer and composer. Hear the stories behind some of the most influential and historic recordings and performances in this four-part interview. New segments will be posted daily!

 Installment #1
  Lenny talks about getting his start on the drums, gigging throughout his high school years and getting the call to play with Miles Davis.
 Installment #2
  Learn about how Lenny got the call to play on Miles Davis' Bitches Brew and hear the stories behind this legendary and groundbreaking jazz recording!
 Installment #3
  After returning to college, Lenny heads into the studio to record Red Clay with Freddie Hubbard. Leading up to his tenure with Return To Forever, Lenny joins Azteca with Pete Escovedo and auditions for Journey.
 Installment #4
  Hear about the beginnings of Return To Forever and how influences in fusion, progressive and classic rock hepled to shape the sound of the group. Lenny also talks about some of his current projects and shares his thoughts on Vic Firth sticks.
 Performance Spotlight - Return To Forever, 1976
  Watch this video of Return To Forever performing live in 1976!

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Lenny White (SLW)
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