His name is Mike Justian. Some of his friends and associates call him Justice for no particular reason. Maybe its because he watches Judge Joe Brown. He's been a drummer for longer than he's roamed this plane of existence, beating the inside of the womb until his arrival, in which he persisted to beat on any surface that produced an audible tone. He did his first tour when he turned 18 and he was officially born, now he's managed to accrue 10 years of worldwide tour and studio experience with a couple of successful bands such as THE RED CHORD and UNEARTH.

After a long and untimely hiatus, he's back doing what he does best with a rejuvenated luster and intensity. His primary interest now is session,touring and/or making music that "takes you to the place that it dresses you up to go to".

He's NOT interested in specific genres, but rather anything that's moving in a direction. He's known as a reputable metal drummer, but grew up on blues, soul, rock and punk and embraces all facets of musical creation (and destruction). He's always looking for projects and collaborations of all kinds and wants to explore as many of them as possible. He is currently endorsed by MEINL cymbals, VIC FIRTH sticks, AQUARIAN heads and TAYE drums. He is also heavily engrossed in developing as a songwriter, producer, lyricist, guitarist, singer and anything else that is artisic, cathartic and sometimes dangerous


 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival
  Check out this clip of Mike in action!

Mike's stick of choice:
American Classic® 2B
Tear drop tip. Ideal for heavy rock‚ band and practice.
L = 16 1/4" | Dia. = .630"
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