Ji Hye Jung is Assistant Professor of Percussion at the University of Kansas and Lecturer in Percussion at Cleveland State University. Born in South Korea, Ms. Jung began concertizing at the age of nine. She has performed over 100 concerts as a soloist with every major orchestra in Korea. Soon after relocating to the United States in 2004, Ms. Jung garnered consecutive first prizes at the 2006 Linz International Marimba Competition and the 2007 Yale Gordon Concerto Competition in Baltimore.

Ms. Jung frequently performs with many of today's most important conductors and instrumentalists. She has performed as soloist with David Robertson conducting an all Messiaen program in Carnegie Hall. Shortly after, Ms. Jung made her concerto debut with the Houston Symphony under the direction of its Music Director Hans Graf. Recently she has presented solo recitals and masterclasses at the Curtis Institute, Peabody Conservatory, Rice University, the Schleswig-Holstein Festival in Germany, the Grachtenfestival in Holland, Beijing's Central Conservatory and at universities throughout the United States.

With the percussion repertoire still in its formative state, Ms. Jung feels strongly about collaborations with composers to further the creation of a new voice for the art form. She has commissioned pieces from Alejandro Viñao, Paul Lansky, John Serry, Lucas Ligeti, and Jared Redmond.

Ji Hye Jung completed a Master of Music degree from the Yale School of Music and a Bachelor of Music degree at the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, both under the tutelage of Robert van Sice. As an artist endorser, she represents Pearl/Adams instruments, Vic Firth sticks, and Zildjian cymbals.


Groundlines (2010) by John Serry (b. 1954)
Premiere Performance, PASIC 2010


Commissioned by:

Ji Hye Jung and Michael Zell (project coordinators), Kyle Acuncius, Thad Anderson, Michael Burritt, Thomas Burritt, Gwendolyn Burgett Thrasher, Candy Chiu, Sean Connors, John Corkill, Kevin Dufford, Greg Giannascoli, Brian Graser, Adam Groh, Barrett Hipes, Mi Youne Kim, William Moersch, Ian Rosenbaum, Jeff Sass and Robert Van Sice.

Performance Notes:

The idea to commission John Serry for a new piece for solo marimba came to us in the Spring of 2008. I had heard Ji Hye perform his Night Rhapsody quite a few times, and that particular piece really started to grow on me. Aside from the incredibly impressive technical demands it places on the performer, I was struck by the way Serry incorporates his own complex harmonic language with the simplicity of the Dies Irae, and how he creates interesting textures by utilizing the marimba in unique and novel ways.

Throughout Groundlines, the left and right hands of the performer remain relatively independent of one another. The bulk of the music is in 6/8 time, although a strong, three-beat hemiola persists during much of the piece. The right hand fluctuates between accented double-stops on intervals of mostly sevenths and ninths, to legato lines that utilize one-handed rolls. The is just a summary of some basic elements of the piece. To describe the specific musical or developmental aspects within this paragraph would be a futile endeavor, and wouldn't help you to enjoy it any more than you would anyways!

     – Michael Zell


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Northern Lights by Eric Ewazen M113, bass position;
M115, top 3 positions
Transcription: Keith Jarrett, Köln Concert; Part 2c M112, bass position;
M113, middle positions;
M114, top position
Variations on Japanese Children's Songs
by Keiko Abe
M114, bass position;
M115, top 3 positions
Excerpt from Bach's Cello Suite #5 in G minor M111 in all positions
Excerpt from Chain by Kazunori Miyake M113, bass position;
M114, top 3 positions
Dances of Earth and Fire by Peter Klatzow  

Ji Hye Jung's Implements of Choice:
Robert Van Sice Signature Marimba Mallets

Very soft. For a warm, round sound that is perfect for low register chorales.

Van Sice M111 Video Demonstration:  |  High Quality  |

Soft. Produces a broad sound with tremendous projections that is dark, but not muffled.

Van Sice M112 Video Demonstration: |  High Quality  |

Medium soft. A general mallet that covers the lower four octaves of the marimba.

Van Sice M113 Video Demonstration: |  High Quality  |

Medium. The most popular model in the series, this mallet covers the entire range of the marimba and produces a singing sound that is full of life.

Van Sice M114 Video Demonstration: |  High Quality  |

Medium hard. Bright, but not to the point of "xylophone-like" brilliance.

Van Sice M115 Video Demonstration: |  High Quality  |

Hard. When extreme cutting power and a sharp edge are required.

Van Sice M116 Video Demonstration: |  High Quality  |