J.P. Thunderbolt Patterson may be best known as the longtime drummer for NYC punk legends, The Dictators and a founding member of Handsome Dick Manitobas Dictators spinoff group, Manitobas Wild Kingdom. In addition to 16 years of recording and touring with the Dictators, J.P.s career has also included five years spent with indie rock faves The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, as well as performing and/or recording with Joey Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone, Patti Rothberg, Lemmy, Rhys Chatham, Timmy Cappello and so many more.

For most of his life, J.P. has also been a member of the Screen Actors Guild. He has appeared in literally hundreds of movies and television shows. On camera, hes played roles that have taken him from being Val Kilmers waiter to being an engineer for Lindsey Lohan and Jennifer Lopez. Off camera hes done everything up to and including being cast as David Lee Roths stand in!

JP's latest effort is his second solo album, The LP is Dead. Out now on No Fun Records, LP is the follow up to JP's debut solo album, Thunderboss. For more on the project, check out our interviews wth JP Thunderbolt Patterson!



 Video Interview - The LP is Dead
  JP talks about his latest project, The LP is Dead -- out NOW!
 Video Interview - Thunderboss
  Interview and playing footage with JP.

JP's stick of choice:
American Classic® 3A
Barrel tip produces bright‚ articulate cymbal sounds. Great for light rock and fusion.
L = 16 3/16" | Dia. = .580"
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