Thom Hannum is regarded as one of the nation's foremost percussion clinicians, having presented numerous seminars and workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Southeast Asia. He is best known for his work with the DCI World Champion Cadets of Bergen County and Star of Indiana. Thom is a member of the design team for the Tony Award winning show Blast! as well as Blast II: Shockwave. In the summer of 2001, Mr. Hannum was selected for induction into the D.C.I. Hall of Fame.

Mr. Hannum has developed an outstanding percussion program at the University of Massachusetts where he serves as the Associate Director of the Minuteman Marching Band. He is an active member of the Percussive Arts Society and the President of the Massachusetts PAS Chapter as well as being a signature artist, clinician and consultant for Vic Firth Company.

Through the Hal Leonard Corporation, Mr. Hannum has published a textbook and corresponding student workbook, Championship Concepts For Marching Percussion, which provide many band programs with a comprehensive foundation for percussion education. His instructional video produced by Warner Brothers/Chappell, Fundamental Techniques For Marching Percussion, demonstrates many of the concepts outlined in the books. Thom has published percussion arrangements and solos with Warner Brothers, Rowloff Productions and Drop6 Media, Inc.

Thom is the founder and director of the MOBILE PERCUSSION SEMINAR which offers clinic and workshop programs for high schools and colleges of all ability levels. For more information about Mobile Percussion Seminars, visit them online at


Thom Hannum (STH)
A round tip with a very long taper and thick neck for great control and response‚ especially at low dynamic levels.
L = 16 5/8" | Dia. = .690"
  [enlarge photo]

Thom Hannum Piccolo Tip (STH3)
A full sized marching shaft with an exceptionally short taper and a very small tip. For clearly defined highs and unique timbre possibilities.
L = 16 5/8" | Dia. = .690"
  [enlarge photo]

Thom Hannum "Quadbale" Tenor Stick (STHTS)
Full sized gripping area with a smaller shaft‚ neck and tip emphasize a high pitch and timbre for imitating timbale style parts.
L = 16 1/2" | Dia. = .690"
  [enlarge photo]

Thom performs his published solo snare compositions!

 Take It Easy
  Grade 4 solo
 Got a Pulse?
  Grade 6 solo


Thom's solos are part of a collection of 8 new compositions for solo snare drum from some of today's hottest percussion composers. Published by Drop6 Media, Aptitude: A Conversation in Snare Soloing melds contemporary and rudimental styles into an exciting collection of musical expression. The book includes an audio CD, featuring musical accompaniments to each of the solo works, as well as a DVD featuring Vic Firth Artist/Educator Jeff Prosperie performing each solo.

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 Clip 1: The Early Years
  Thom talks about growing up around drum corps, learning to play the drums in the Brookhaven Crusaders and the beginning of his desire to teach.
 Clip 2: The Transition to Teacher and Arranger
  Hannum discusses his early opportunities to teach and write with West Chester University and the Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps in the 1970's.
 Clip 3: The Development of an Arranger
  Thom talks about hallmark years in the development of his arranging skills from the Crossmen in 1979-82 to the Garfield Cadets' 1983 show.
 Clip 4: Thom's First Drum Trophy
  Thom discusses the "perfect score" in the Garfield's 1987 Appalachian Spring show.
 Clip 5: The Years with Star of Indiana
  Hannum talks about his years with Star, including the legendary 1993 season.
 Clip 6: Evolution of Star's Brass Theater
  With the 1993 season coming to a close, Thom discusses the move to indoor theater.
 Clip 7: Back in Drum Corps
  Thom discusses his motivation to get involved again in drum & bugle corps with his two year tenure at the Crossmen.
 Clip 8: Thom's Involvement in Blast!
  Thom talks about the early years in the development of Blast!
 Clip 9: New Directions
  Never one to rest, Thom sets his sights in new directions: publishing and product development.