The Man and his Message are Motivating.

From New York to Tokyo and everywhere between, Dom Famularo is rated one of the world's most exciting and inspirational drumming educators. A former student of such greats as Jim Chapin, Al Miller, Joe Morello, Ronnie Benedict and Colin Bailey, Dom has developed a highly creative and uniquely personal style of drumming. With hands powered by the famous Moeller technique and feet dancing through high-speed double-pedal bass drumming patterns, he delivers performances that dip and dive through dynamics and styles with energy and ease.

Dom has built his reputation by delivering his unique motivational drumming message to tens of thousands of people in over 30 countries. "There's a tremendous freedom that comes with playing drums, and I want to inspire as many people as possible to discover this exciting opportunity for personal development and satisfaction." Through what Dom has coined, "Infotainment and Edutainment", he's quick to balance the impact of his brilliant communication with laughter and awe-inspiring drum techniques and solos. Regardless of language barriers, when Dom gets funny, everybody laughs. "Laughter is my key to communicating," he says. "It's the common ground from which I can inspire and motivate people to play drums".

And it works. With standing ovations being the norm and return engagements a must, Dom is the most in-demand drumming educator in the world.

The first western drummer to perform clinics in China, Dom is accustomed to making headlines. As an ambassador for drumming, he was a special guest performer at the first-ever Buddy Rich Day Concert. He was a highlight and host and performer at the Pacific Rim Drum Invitational, the first drum event to go 'live' on the Internet. He's a primary attraction at such star-studded drumming events as the Koblenz International Drummer Meeting in Germany, the Florida Drum Expo, the Paris Music Show, the massive Drummers Day in Australia, the heartbeat World Rhythm spectacle for Canadian television, and DrumFest in Montreal.

"Ultimately," says Dom, "I want to inspire today's generation to enjoy the challenge of drumming, to motivate people everywhere to find their own path of self-expression. It's the happiness factor I'm aiming for...I'm drumming up all the goodwill I can for the art of drumming."

Dom has been endorsing Vic Firth Products since 1979 and acts as Education Consultant with the Vic Firth Education Team.




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Dom's stick of choice:
American Classic® HD9
The SD9‚ in hickory. A favorite of players who love the 5B but want a little more weight and length.
L = 16 1/4" | Dia. = .610"
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