Drummers are quite often living in the shadow of the lead guitarist, or the frontman in any number of bands, and yet the difference between a good drummer and a bad drummer can mean the difference between a good band and a bad one.

Adrian Erlandsson has abused the kit in both At the Gates and Cradle of Filth, and is proof that being a drummer doesn't mean being a bit-part player in your band. His contribution to extreme music is of the highest order, and the story of his journey from Swedish thrasher to part of the biggest black metal phenomenon in the scene is an interesting one.

Check out our video clips below to see Adrian in action!


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 Clip 2
 Clip 3

Adrian's stick of choice:
American Classic® Extreme 5B
Like the 5B‚ with more power and reach.
L = 16 1/2" | Dia. = .595"
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