Dom Howard is best known as the drummer, percussionist and co-producer for the English rock band Muse. Dom brings an energy to the stage that is undeniable -- and his perfect pair is the Vic Firth American Jazz® AJ2.

Though Howard played drums in a grade school band, Gothic Plague, Muse was his first and probably last proper band. He admits being self-taught, but recent drum lessons have helped him decipher paradiddles from ratamacues. He’s also studying chart reading and linear drumming.

“I wanted to know more about R&B and gospel chops, different odd time signatures, weird stuff,” he says. “It opens doors to different ways of thinking.”

And of course, Howard always returns to one of all his all time drumming heroes, who might surprise readers, and Muse fans.

“Buddy Rich is still the best drummer in the world though, isn’t he?” Howard asks. “It’s still ridiculous when you see him in a video. He still blows your mind. He’s still so cutting edge. He was ahead of this time in the tones he got out of his drums, his technique, his proficiency. Drummers today are doing incredible stuff, but going back to Buddy Rich, what he is doing is so often equal to and above any current level you would care to examine. It does still blow my mind. On some YouTube videos, he even does a little rock and roll groove for a bar. You realize of course he can do all that as well. So I often go back to Buddy Rich. That’s what it’s all about, and that is who you need to look up to and where you need to go. It’s ridiculous, really.”

Courtesy of DRUM! magazine.

Dom's Perfect Pair™:
American Jazz® 2
A 5A shaft for a light touch.
L = 16" | Dia. = .565"
  [enlarge photo]