It is with deep sadness that the Vic Firth family acknowledges the passing of Chuck Silverman.

Internationally known as a specialist in applying Afro-Caribbean rhythms to the drum set, Chuck Silverman travelled all over the world teaching thousands of drummers about traditional Afro-Caribbean rhythms. He was a talented player and educator whose ever-expanding ideas about drumming influenced countless students of the instrument. Chuck was a faculty member at Musicians Institute and has written or been featured in many magazines worldwide including Talking Drums magazine, Modern Drummer, Slagwerkkrant, Rhythm, Batteur, Drums and Percussion, Sticks, and Percussioni.

"This is a sad time for all of us with the loss of Chuck. He was known for his friendly and thorough teaching approach. The constant research to help develop educational content for drum set players has benefited so many! We enjoyed Chuck as part of the Vic Firth family and we along with so many others will miss him!"
- Neil Larrivee, Director of Education and Product Development

"Chuck was a dear friend and a great supporter of music and drumming. He will be missed more than words can express."
- Vic Firth, President

PASIC 2013