Danny's first encounter with the drums began at the age of ten when he joined the school band and began taking private lessons on the snare drum. In his senior year of high school in Paola, Kansas, Carey joined the high school jazz band.

At the University of Missouri–Kansas City, Danny began expanding his studies in percussion with theory into the principles of geometry, science, and metaphysics as well as delving into Sacred Geometry and certain hidden aspects of life and the occult. Carey also played jazz while attending college and got to experience the jazz scene in Kansas City.

A commitment to life as an artist brought Danny to LA where he was able to perform as a studio drummer with projects like Carole King and play around town with Pygmy Love Circus. He would later find an outlet for addressing a fuller scope of his potentials in Tool and another project operating under the title of Zaum.

Watch our three-part interview with Danny to hear more about his current activities and to get a tour of his awesome set-up!

Check out Danny's Signature Stick!
Danny Carey (SDC)
A truly unique stick! Features a cut-in design at the gripping area for improved comfort and a tapered butt end for improved balance.
L = 16 1/2" | Dia. = .695" at butt | .630" at shaft
  [enlarge photo]

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