Brendan Buckley grew up in the New Jersey areas of Morristown and Mount Arlington. The accessibility to New York City during his childhood and high school years provided plenty of musical inspiration.

At the age of 18, he packed his Ford Escort and moved to Miami, Florida to attend the University of Miami´s School of Music. While there, he became immersed in the city´s diverse rock, latin, and jazz scenes. At the time of graduation, he released an album and toured with the rock band Fulano De Tal (BMG), featuring singer/songwriter Elsten Torres. A year later, he played drums with Julio Iglesias (the papa) for his "Tango" tour. Brendan left this tour to record an album for the Colombian popstar Shakira. Since then, he has done four more albums and three tours with the South American artist. During that span of years, Brendan also found time to record with DMX, Lauren Hill, Gloria Estefan, Spam All-Stars, Nil Lara, Mariana Ochoa, Julio Iglesias Jr, Alejandra Guzman, Alih Jey, Zach Zisken, The Kind, Popvert, Clambake 2000, Monte Rosa, B.D. Lenz, Diane Ward, Raw B. Jae, Sixo, Pedro Suarez Vertiz, Soledad, Natalia Oriero, Fernando Osorio, Alicastro, Leo Quintero, Gayle Ritt, Pete Masitti, Shalim, and Maria Bestár.

In 2004, Brendan moved to Los Angeles to experience life "west-coast style". Over the past four years, he has continued to write and produce with Shakira and Fulano, while also performing and recording with artists such as: the irish folk/rock artist Damien Rice, Volumen Cero, broadway star Idina Menzel, Daniel Powter, La Ley frontman Beto Cuevas, experimental rock band Pedestrian, actress/songwriter Minnie Driver, heart-throb Michael Miller, Wyclef Jean, Gary Jules, Peter Bradley Adams, the lovely Kristin Mooney, Peter Himmelman, key-master Rami Jaffee, Laura Jansen, Susie Suh, Jimena Angel, Cherie, Michael Mangia, Richard Page, Brie Larson, Jimena, Devil Doll, Sheila Nicholls, Cameron Jaymes, Zak Schaffer, Shira Myrow, Jennifer Peña, Kelly Sweet, Benny Strange, and Brandi Flores (plus doing tv commercial jingles for Reebok, Pepsi, Hyundai, Marshalls, and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter). At the moment, he can be caught on tour with both Daniel Powter and Beto Cuevas, or sipping cappuccinos and making music locally in the Los Angeles area.


See what Brendan's using:
American Classic® 5A Black
Tear drop tip for rich cymbal sounds. Great for every style of music. Classic black finish.
L = 16" | Dia. = .565"
  [enlarge photo]
Heritage Brush
Features a light gauge wire and a smooth rubber handle. Fast and easy to play.
Dia. = .530" | Spread = 5"
  [enlarge photo]
For all-around playing. Produces rich sound yet is capable of rhythmic clarity.
Head = 1 1/2" | L = 14 1/2"
  [enlarge photo]
Steve Smith Tala Wand - Birch
Birch - A foam center is surrounded with birch dowels wrapped in thin PVC. Outstanding rebound and sound. While the shaft is thicker than the TW11‚ the lighter weight of the birch dowels actually helps create a lighter touch and lower volume.
L = 16 1/8" | Dia. =.625"
  [enlarge photo]


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