In the world of marching tenors and rudimental drumming, Bill Bachman needs no introduction. He is not only a prolific author, world class performer, clinician and educator, but also an inventor and touring/recording drumset artist.

Bill Bachman studied percussion performance at the University of North Texas and is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music. Bill has played with and instructed many award winning marching percussion groups including the UNT drumline, Cadets, Bluecoats, Blue Knights, and Carolina Crown in his 12 years touring with Drum and Bugle Corps. He has presented nearly 200 drum clinics and drum festival performances on five continents over the last decade. He also is an in demand judge and has judged at countless marching band and indoor drumline contests in the US and internationally. As a private lesson instructor, Bill teaches at Lonestar Percussion in Dallas, as well as many students worldwide through live internet feeds via Skype.

He is author of Row-Loff’s drum instructional books Rudimental Logic, Quad Logic, and Bass Logic which have become part of the curriculum in countless high schools and colleges, and the producer of the instructional drum DVD's, Rudimental Beats and Reefed Beats. Bill is also a columnist for Modern Drummer magazine and the author of the book Stick Technique, an Essential Guide for the Modern Drummer published through Modern Drummer and distributed through Hal Leonard.

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Rudimental Lesson Series
Lesson 1: "Four Accent, Tap Scenarios"

Lesson 2: "Rudiment Inversions"

Bill Bachman's Re-Designed “Billy Club” Signature Stick

Bill Bachman "Billy Club" Tenor Stick (SBBTS)
Crafted in hickory for durability, lightning-fast maneuverability and a superior rim shot timbre. Produces very big and dark sound.
L = 15 13/16" | Dia. = .725" at butt .676" at shaft
  [enlarge photo]

"12 rudiments = 12 hand motions = Complete Hand Technique"



And here's Bill's Other Vic Firth Products of Choice:
American Classic® Extreme 5A
For the 5A player who wants more power and reach.
L = 16 1/2" | Dia. = .565"
  [enlarge photo]
Heavy Hitter Quadropad - large
The drum pads included on this set approximate the accurate playing areas of 6"‚ 10"‚ 12"‚ 13" and 14" inch drums‚ and are laid out accurately and cut for ALL playing areas‚ both standard and scrape.
  [enlarge photo]

Get your technique together with Bill's latest book!

Stick Technique the Essential Guide for the Modern Drummer
By Bill Bachman

Culled from Bill Bachman's popular "Strictly Technique" articles in Modern Drummer magazine, this book will help players develop hands that are loose stress free and ready to play anything that comes to mind.

The book is for everyone who plays with sticks regardless of whether you're focusing primarily on drumset orchestral percussion or the rudimental style of drumming. Divided into three main sections – Technique, Top Twelve Rudiments and Chops Builders – the book is designed to get you playing essential techniques correctly and as quickly as possible. Also includes a bonus section for two-hand coordination and independence.



Vic Firth Video Feature:
Bill Bachman: “Rudimental Beats”

Bill Bachman, presents Rudimental Beats, a technical guide for everyone with sticks in their hands. Topics covered include: Matched Grip, Traditional Grip, Full Stroke, Alley-oop Stroke, Down/Up Stroke, Moeller Stroke, Perfect Practice/Muscle Memory, Speed, The Grid, Rhythm & Timing, Bill's "Get Good Quick Plan," as well as breakdowns of the ten most important rudiments to know. Rudimental Beats is educational, inspirational and designed to take all drummers to the highest level, whether you play drumset, marching drums, concert drums, buckets or the kitchen sink!

Introduction, Drumset Solo The Moeller Stroke

Inverted Flam Taps The Grid


Bill is also the author of the instructional books Quad Logic, Rudimental Logic, Bass Logic and producer of the instructional DVD Reefed Beats, which are available through RowLoff Publications.

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As an inventor, Bill designed Vic Firth's Heavy Hitter Pad series - a wildly successful product that set the standard for the practice pad industry. Here are a few of the innovations that Bill brought to the table: thinner thicknesses of gum rubber to better approximate Mylar and Kevlar heads, Quadpads set up to scale with the real drums featuring normal and scrape playing areas, Mylar laminates for maximum articulation and realistic feel, a bass pad for bass drummers and the Exactopad for precision training.

Bill also designed his unique Vic Firth signature “Billy Club” drumstick for tenor drummers. This tenor stick is the first of its kind using the very dense Sta-Pac wood, the stick combines the projection and maneuverability of a mallet with the quickness and rimshot ability of a snare stick.

Most recently Bill introduced the "Remote Speedy Hat." The remote speedy hat is designed to replace your standard hi hat stand so that you no longer need to cross over to play the hi hats which frees up your left hand. The Remote Speedy Hi-Hat's patent pending design virtually eliminates friction and lets the hi hat cymbals both react and recoil instantly unlike all of the other remote cable hats on the market.

In addition to being an international marching and drumset clinician for Remo, Vic Firth, Dynasty, Zildjian, and Row-Loff, Bill has toured with Neal Morse's progressive rock band and is a freelance drummer in the Dallas area. He teaches worldwide through live internet feeds via Skype, as well as locally in Dallas.

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