"Carmine Appice set the foundation for heavy drumming ... before Bonham, before Ian Paice... before anyone else."
     - Rick Van Horn, Modern Drummer, 1991

As a legendary performer, teacher and author, Carmine's rich career has spanned 35+ years and continues to inspire drummers and listeners throughout the world with originality and unwavering dedication to the art of drumming. Carmine has recorded and performed with a long list of top artists and bands, including Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart, Ted Nugent, Blue Murder, Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck, Ozzy Osbourne, Cactus, King Kobra, among many others.

Carmine broke new ground with every aspect of his career, from his early days with Vanilla Fudge, considered by many to be the first heavy rock band to being the first to legitimize rock drumming with his landmark book, Realistic Rock. In 1991, Carmine was inducted into the Hollywood Rock Walk, with hand prints and signature side by side with his idols Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich.


Check out Carmine's Signature Stick:
Carmine Appice (SCA)
A tip like a 5A at one end‚ a large heavy tip at the butt end. Provides great back beat power.
L = 15 15/16" | Dia. = .595"
  [enlarge photo]

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