Akira came to fame with the four-piece Japanese jazz-fusion band Casiopea. Casiopea was formed in 1979 by guitarist Issei Noro, keyboardist Minoru Mukaiya, bassist Tetsuo Sakurai and drummer Takashi Sasaki. The band released its first album in May of 1979, a high-energy fusion of jazz and funk augmented by a horn section consisting of top American stars Michael and Randy Brecker and David Sanborn. Akira took over the drum chair in 1980, appearing on the band’s third album, Thunder Live.

As a solo artist, Akira has released over 10 albums and four acclaimed instructional videos: Pulse, Metamorphosis, Independence and the latest, Evolution (DCI Music Video/Warner Brothers). A seasoned clinician and performer, his solo performances are legendary. Unlike many other clinicians who play along to sequenced backing tracks, Akira is quite capable of playing both acoustic kit and electronic kit simultaneously in real time to create amazing, complete pieces of music. Yet although he revels in complexity he is also very aware of the need to groove, to create a good feel.

"My best advice to drummers, beginners or veterans, is to always remember the basics ...When you practice, pay attention to your timing, especially the quarter-note feel. From that, everything else will follow."



     Including Drum Solo!
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Akira's Signature Stick:
Akira Jimbo (SAJ)
Akira's unique style and intricate techniques have placed him at the forefront of thie Japanese music scene for over 15 years. His stick has a tear drop tip with a tapered butt for better cymbal definition. Special finish provides an enhanced grip.
L = 16" | Dia. = .565"
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  PASIC 2005 Clip #1: Solo with 2:3 Clave
  PASIC 2005 Clip #2: Integrating Sound Samples
  PASIC 2005 Clip #3: Solo over Mission: Impossible
  PASIC 2005 Clip #4: Expanding Paradiddle-diddles
  PASIC 2005 Clip #5: Double Bass
  PASIC 2005 Clip #6: Solo Over All Men Are Brothers
  PASIC 2005 Clip #7: Duo with Shuichi Hidano
  PASIC 2005 Clip #8: Duo with Shuichi Hidano 2